BOUDAKIAN is a leading supplier of uniform management solutions to a diverse range of enterprises including healthcare, industrial, culinary, corporate and facility.  Operating across the MENA, Europe, and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) region, we utilize our extensive knowledge of uniform-making in helping businesses dress their employees and strengthen their brands.


Since 1986, we have built a reputation around quality, attentive care and expertise, tending us into a leading position as renowned uniform outfitters. 

By providing customized and personalized services, we always place customers’ needs first to ensure that every order ends with their satisfaction. This customer-centric approach has enabled us to distinguish ourselves from other uniform suppliers in the wider region.

The 3200 m2 manufacturing plant consist of a professional team of highly-skilled tailors, designers and marketing experts can advise you on fabrics and styles for every work location and all working conditions. Our plant employs global sources to manufacture the highest quality and most cost-efficient uniforms on behalf of our customers.  Boudakian Uniforms respects the laws, customs and people in each country where the company does business—viewing each client as an extension of the company and exceeding standards of social compliance.